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Welcome to our updated site. We have all our toys and Montessori materials listed on the site. Some of our huge range of books are now online, with more being added every day. Stock levels are updated daily. We invite you to register as this allows you to create wish lists to share with friends and family. Excellent for birthdays and other celebrations.

Coming soon......We have new books and toys arriving this month. Look out for news of these arrivals.

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Books for Babies
It's never too early to start reading to your child or stimulating their interest in books.
Play to Learn
Stimulate your child with toys that allow them to think, discover and develop.
Science & Tech
Sign up for our Saturday DesignLab workshops, read all about it or check out our kits for exploration at home.
Focus on IB
Revise la oferta de recursos BI. Traemos un rango diverso y tenemos muestras en la tienda.