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I am Still Not a Loser

I am Still Not a Loser (Barry Loser)

Author: Jim Smith, Illustrator: Barry Loser

Ref: 9781405260329
The second book in this madcap must-read series for 6+ boys You know when someone's horrible to you in a dream and you wake up really annoyed with them? That's what happened to me with my best friend Bunky. Barry has a new problem: Gordon Smugly - who's got the most perfect name for himself ever in the history of having a name, because he looks like a Gordon and is smug and ugly - has stolen Barry's best friend. Join Barry as he attempts to get Bunky back, organises a girly-screamvoice test and tries to avoid seeing his teacher kissing his gran.

Critic Reviews
"'Twice as good as my other favourite book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid' (Ben, aged 7)"
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6,145.74 CRC

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