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Planet of the Bears

Planet of the Bears (World of Happy)

Author: Giles Andreae

Ref: 9781405258456
Playful, charming, quirky, joyous and heart-warming stories about positive and uplifting values: love, happiness, freedom, pleasure, being yourself and revelling in the wonders of what it means to be alive. The Bears had all the STUFF they needed. Yet they still wanted MORE. But then one Clever Bear said, "Look! Our planet's DYING! I think the STUFF is killing it, my friends." "But Bears NEED STUFF," the Bear's all cried. "Then why are you not HAPPY?" the Clever Bear replied. And so begins a story about KINDNESS and JOY - an uplifting little treasure for the whole family to share. World of Happy ...because life is FUN!
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