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Mayfly Day

Mayfly Day

Author: Jeanne Willis, Illustrator: Tony Ross

Ref: 9781842706060
Mayfly might have only one day to live, but she enjoys every moment by observing all the life around her, and rejoicing in her own. As she soars over the sky at dawn she bathes in the golden light, and she dances to the music of the universe.

Critic Reviews
"A poetic, life-affirming story about a mayfly, and how she enjoys every moment of her single day of life, from an award-winning team." Publishing News "The creative partnership of Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross has produced another gem to dazzle us." The Bookseller "A dream team of writer and illustrator!" The Times "A sure winner...ideal for sharing with children of all ages" Bookbag "A bitter-sweet tale from Jeanne Willis perfectly put together with the soft-crayon style of pictures from Tony Ross." The School Librarian
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