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George's Secret Key to the Universe

George's Secret Key to the Universe (George's Secret Key to the Universe)

Author: Lucy Hawking, Illustrator: Stephen Hawking

Ref: 9780552559584
Take a rollercoaster ride through the vastness of space and, in the midst of an exciting adventure, discover the mysteries of physics, science and the universe with George, his new friends next door - the scientist Eric and his daughter, Annie - and a super-intelligent computer called Cosmos, which can take them to the edge of a black hole and back again. Or can it? And who else would like to get their hands on Cosmos? A funny and hugely informative romp through space, time and the universe.

volume no: 4

Critic Reviews
"Gripping, informative and funny" The Bookseller "It is like a Dr Who adventure, inspiring curiosity and amazement. It makes a case for the relevance and fascination of physics, and for the importance of scientists and eco-warriors working together to save the planet. With a happy circularity, the plot depends on a recent discovery: Hawking Radiation, the leaking of particles out of black holes until they destroy themselves" The Sunday Times "A true beginner's guide to A Brief History of Time" Publishers Weekly "A rollercoaster ride from Stephen Hawking" Junior "George's Secret Key to the Universe is a novel that anyone who devoured Captain Underpants a year or two ago will appreciate" LA Times
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7,171.74 CRC

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