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Why Eating Bogeys is Good for You

Why Eating Bogeys is Good for You (Mitchell Symons' Trivia Books)

Author: Mitchell Symons

Ref: 9781862301849

EVER WONDERED ...Why we have tonsils? Is there any cream in cream crackers? Why is the sea blue? And if kangaroos keep their babies in their pouches, what happens to all the poo?! Mitch Symons answers all these crazy questions and plenty more in this wonderfully funny and addictive book for children from 8 to 80! And yes, eating bogeys is good for you ...but only your own!

volume no: 2

Winner of Blue Peter Children's Book Awards: The Best Book With Facts 2010.

Critic Reviews
"Wonderful present idea for reluctant readers. Curiosity will overcome all resistance" Glasgow Herald "This absorbing anthology of unlikely information is a real treat ... The answers are explained expertly and entertainingly and leave your brain stuffed with absurd trivia" Junior Education Plus "Answers some really tricky questions." Sunday Express

Price: $10.78
6,145.74 CRC

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