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My Mum Goes to Work

My Mum Goes to Work

Author: Kes Gray, Illustrator: David Milgrim

Ref: 9780340883693

My mum goes to work but I know she still loves me and cares about me. How do I know? Because my mum comes home from work and tells me she loves me SO MUCH! This is a book for working mums everywhere.

Critic Reviews
"What a reassuring book, for the small child child whose Mother goes out to work!" -- Books for Keeps 20060501 "A picture book for those whose mums are out earning an honest crust." -- unknown 20060501 "This is one for the guilt-ridden mums who juggle work and parenthood." -- Cork Evening Echo 20060318 "This would be a great book to buy for a Mum just about to return to work - and her little on too." -- 20060315

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6,145.74 CRC

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