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Daisy: Yuk!

Daisy: Yuk! (Daisy Picture Books)

Author: Kes Gray, Illustrator: Nick Sharratt

Ref: 9780099448044
Auntie Sue is getting married and she has asked Daisy to be her bridesmaid. But Daisy doesn't do dresses and she certainly doesn't do lovely. Every dress Daisy tries on is 'Yuk!', until she finally manages to strike a deal and design her own dress ...If you liked Eat Your Peas, Really, Really and You Do!, you will love this book!

volume no: 4

Critic Reviews
"... brilliantly structured so that it holds the interest when read aloud rather as a good joke must before arriving at its punchline ... Nick Sharratt's bright, simple pictures look almost as though an inspired child had produced them - and that may well be why children respond to them so warmly" Observer "Praise for the Daisy books: "Sure-fire winners to pre-schoolers and juniors" The Bookseller "The determined Daisy is to be a bridesmaid at Auntie Sue's wedding, but doesn't do dresses ... A compromise is found but not before Nick Sharratt has had fun illustrating the array of dresses with ruffles, bows and sashes" The Bookseller "Gray's economical, repetitive text is ably assisted by Sharratt's bold, expressive lines and colours: Daisy's eyebrows alone are an essay in rebellion!" Booktrusted News "If your youngsters have been lucky enough to enjoy an earlier book called Eat Your Peas, it's a safe bet that they will like these stories too" South Wales Argus
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