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Hidden Hippo

Hidden Hippo

Author: Joan Gannij, Illustrator: Clare Beaton

Ref: 9781846863295
Told from the perspective of a child on safari, "Hidden Hippo" takes the reader on a journey through the grasslands of Africa to meet elephants, giraffes, zebras and many other creatures. But the animal to look out for is the hippo and finally with a loud splash, you find him! Education Market: the story presents an opportunity for children to learn about wildlife habitats and become aware of the importance of protecting endangered species. Environmental Awareness: this title is highly relevant to Environment and Conservation in the National Curriculum KS1. Accessible and interactive - this title includes a simple hide-and-seek theme to engage young children. It is a companion to "Elusive Moose" (HB: 9781905236749) which was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award, 2008 and "Secret Seahorse" (PB: 9781841488769; BB: 9781905236145). Illustrator Clare Beaton runs very popular craft-based workshops.
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