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Why is Snot Green Collection

Why is Snot Green Collection (Science Museum)

Author: Glenn Murphy

Ref: 9781509812585

Answering all the gross questions every child has - Why is Snot Green?; Does Farting Make you Faster?; and How Loud Can you Burp? - this three-book collection is full of foul facts.

Based around all things science and published in conjunction with the Science Museum, Glenn Murphy's books are packed with doodles and answer questions ranging from 'Is anything wetter than water?' to 'What are scabs for?' 

From the role of the human body to the quirks of nature and the science of sport, this is a funny collection of non-fiction books packed with delightfully disgusting facts for children aged 9 and over.

Titles in this collection (3)
  • Why is Snot Green
  • How Loud can you Burp
  • Does Farting make you Faster
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