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Cambridge BrainBox: Secondary 2

Cambridge BrainBox: Secondary 2

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Includes software to turn your computer into an oscilloscope so that you can view the wave forms produced by the circuits.

The Secondary 2 Kit covers Unit 7J (Electrical Circuits) of the Science National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and will also be useful in supporting Design and Technology at Key Stage 3. The kit includes 4 bulbs and bulb holders so that the effect of several lamps in series or parallel can be seen. A variable resistor and a digital multi meter are also included.

The manual includes Science National Curriculum worksheets covering Unit 7J (Electrical Circuits) and provides details of over 500 exciting experiments.

Initially students start by revising what was covered at Key Stage 2 and then go on to explore circuits by using a multimeter to measure such things as resistance, voltage, current and the relationship between them. Students find out about the action of fuses and experiment by testing their own.

  • Learn how to use a digital multimeter (provided) to measure current and voltage 
  • Find out about series and parallel circuits 
  • Build an AM radio 
  • Use sensors to switch on and off 
  • Build a rain sensor 
  • Make and test fuses 
  • Convert your computer into an oscilloscope
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