A Mind Like Mine: 21 famous people and their mental health


A beautifully illustrated biography anthology, discover that tells theÊhidden mental health stories of 21Êfamous figures from science, sport, music and politics, from past and present.

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ÊMind Like MineÊis a stigma-busting collection of biographies of some of the great people from history who haveÊlived withÊmental health conditions.

Did you knowÊCharles DarwinÊexperienced anxiety andÊFlorence NightingaleÊlived with PTSD? FromÊMichelangeloÊtoÊDeepika PadukoneAda LovelaceÊtoÊFreddie Flintoff, a great many successful people with brilliant minds and talents have lived or are living withÊmental health disorders.
The biographies in this book show that youÊcan’t always tell what a person is going through, and that mental health conditions can and doÊimpactÊpeople from all walks of life. The aim of this book is to helpÊremove some of the stigma around mental health, discuss differentÊmental health conditions, what they mean and how they are treated; and ultimately to show thatÊmental health disordersÊdoÊnot have to hold anyone back from achieving their dreams.
The figures featured areÊfrom aÊrange of diverse backgrounds and disciplines across science, literature, art, music, sport, politics and popular culture. Additional feature pages willÊexplain and explore key mental health conditionsÊincludingÊdepressionbipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety andÊeating disorders.

Sinopsis de A Mind Like Mine: 21 famous people and their mental health

"This is a vital and heartfelt book that explores mental health conditions and how they are treated through the stories of figures who changed the world." * The Bookseller *
"A beautifully illustrated anthology exploring the mental health stories of a diverse range of 21 famous people, both past and present, from the worlds of art, sport, music, politics and science.”Ê * The Bookseller *
“Excellent to dip into and for school libraries’ self-help sections.”Ê * The School Librarian *

A Mind Like Mine: 21 famous people and their mental health

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Año 20220705
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