What Are Products Are Made Of?

The vast majority of our toys are made from wood or wood derivatives. The small amount of non wooden toys that we work with are designed to last and thus do not end up in landfill after a few months. They instead have a long useful life being enjoyed by many generations of children.

Bag Policy

    • The majority of our bags are reusable cloth bags that last years. Indeed, we have clients still using Book & Toy bags that they acquired more than five years ago and still see a few original bags from 2013 when we first introduced our reusable cloth bags.

    • Our latest book bags include a set designed as backpacks to increase their usefulness. (School library book bag, games bag for taking stuff to a friend’s or relative, as a travel bag for trips and so much more.

    • We source our bags locally in Costa Rica with small entrepreneurs and companies that work with socially marginalised people.


    • We recycle cardboard to pack purchases sent out for delivery by Correos de Costa Rica or our delivery service.

    • We have stopped using decorative bows on gift wrapping as they do not easily decompose and end up in landfill.


Our standard method of delivery is to use Correos de Costa Rica or a contracted service that delivers the next day. This is so that the vehicles can follow a predetermined route that uses less fuel and are thus more environmentally friendly. We understand that sometimes you need your purchase as soon as possible and that requires immediate delivery. However, where possible we try to maintain a lower carbon footprint for deliveries and hope that you appreciate this.