Eternal Ones by Namina Forna

This trilogy has been brilliantly crafted with this last book’s plot twisting and turning all the way through to a such a satisfying ending; it feels so complete. As you weave your way through, it is full of action without being rushed, has constant twists without being over complicated and one can identify fully with […]

You Could Be So Pretty by Holly Bourne

This is on my teen MUST READ list. A dystopian future or reality today? Barbie movie fans, you’ll like this one! When I started reading this book I thought it a bit far-fetched, but as I read through it, I was shocked to realise that this is today’s reality. Whilst gender equality is a topic […]



Habits: New Year, New Goals. Who hasn’t started their new year with good intentions only to find that just a few weeks later everything has gone back to normal? Why does this happen? Well often because the good intentions are not practical and don’t fit with our busy lives. The relaxed time over the holidays […]